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Baptism: The History and Doctrine of Christian Baptism

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Most Christians are blissfully unaware of the bloody history of water baptism, and that Christians have murdered other Christians for baptizing people the “wrong” way. But is there a “right” way to baptize?

In this book, John Schoenheit examines the historic roots of baptism, and shows why, by the time of John the Baptist, baptism was an accepted practice in ancient Israel. He also examines the history of baptism in the Church, and shows the reasons why some people believe immersion is the correct method of baptism, while other people believe pouring or sprinkling is the preferred method.

Also, he explains that water baptism was symbolic and pointed to a greater reality. Animal sacrifice pointed to the greater reality of the sacrifice of Jesus Christ, and similarly, the prophets, John the Baptist, and even Jesus, taught that water baptism pointed to the greater reality of baptism in the spirit.

This book is more than simply a historic study. It reveals the heart of God in the water rituals of the Old Testament, the baptisms of John, Jesus, and the early Church, and then brings us into our modern times and shows what is acceptable, and what we should expect to see regarding baptism in our churches today.

 Table of Contents



Chapter One: Baptism and Baptism in the Holy Spirit
Two Types of Baptism
Salvation and Baptism in the Holy Spirit
When is a Person Baptized in Holy Spirit?

Chapter Two: The Meaning of “Baptism”
The Word “Baptism” in the New Testament
“Baptism” Does Not Always Refer to Water
Does Water Baptism Have to be Immersion?

Chapter Three: Water Baptism as a Symbol
Water Baptism was Symbolic of the Greater Baptism
The Parallel Between Sacrifice and Water Baptism

Chapter Four: The Historic Roots of Water Baptism
Early Baptism Rites
Water Baptism After the Babylonian Captivity
Baptism as an Initiation

Chapter Five: The Baptisms of John and Jesus
The Baptism of John the Baptist
Jesus Baptizes Disciples

Chapter Six: From Symbol to Reality
Baptism Changes from Symbol to Reality on the Day of Pentecost
Evidence of the Symbolic Nature of Water Baptism

Chapter Seven: Water Baptism in the Early Church
Why the Early Church Baptized in Water
Jesus Leaves Many Old Testament Practices Unchanged
Water Baptism in Acts and the Epistles
Water Baptism: Dividing the “In” from the “Out”

Chapter Eight: New Revelation About Baptism
Ignoring Pentecost and Paul
New Testament Chronology and Water Baptism
Paul (and Jesus) are Unable to Reverse 1500 Years of Tradition
The “One Baptism” for the Church

Chapter Nine: Right Doctrine and Practice
Should the Church Baptize in Water?


Appendix A: Understanding Acts 8 - Baptism and Receiving the Holy Spirit

Appendix B: Baptism and Salvation: Mark 16:16

Appendix C: The Baptism of Jesus Christ

Appendix D: Infant Baptism

Scripture Index

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