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Spirit & Truth Fellowship International is a ministry that is teaching, training, and networking likeminded Christians around the world who desire to make known the Good News of the Lord Jesus Christ. As a legal entity, we are a non-profit, tax-exempt United States (Indiana) corporation.

Our Vision is: "Building an Enduring Work of Truth." Our vision is demonstrated through various strategies that are anchored in our four core values of truth, integrity, courage, and liberty.

Our Mission Statement is: "To provide sound, biblically-based teaching and training to equip and empower Christians, and to facilitate a network of likeminded individuals, fellowships, and churches."

Spirit & Truth Fellowship International is accomplishing its overall mission by way of live speakers, audio and video teachings, books, seminars, camps and conferences. Our biblically based teachings and networking point people toward an intimate relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ, and are designed to promote personal spiritual growth.

Spirit & Truth Fellowship International has its Home Office in Indiana and assists the networking of fellowships around the world. Our partners and supporters are Christians who freely affiliate themselves with us because they are in general agreement with our doctrine and practice, and want to be a part of spreading these truths around the world.

Our name is partially derived from Jesus' statement in John 4:23 and 24 that God is seeking people to worship Him "...in spirit and in truth." The basis for all our efforts is the Bible, which we believe to be the Word of God, perfect in its original writing. So-called errors, contradictions, or discrepancies are the result of man's subsequent interference in the translation or transmission of the text, or his failure to understand what is written.

Spirit & Truth Fellowship International draws from all relevant sources that shed light on the integrity of Scripture, such as geography, customs, language, history, and principles governing Bible interpretation. We seek the truth without respect to tradition, "orthodoxy," or popular trends and teachings. Jesus declared himself as the truth, and stated that knowing the truth would set one free. Our vision of "Building an Enduring Work of Truth" is in obedience to Jesus' command to "...go and make disciples of all nations..." (Matt. 28:19).

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