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A Journey Through the Old Testament (CD Seminar)

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Session One: Introduction, Why Study the Old Testament?, Overview of the Old Testament

Session Two: Suggested Order of Reading the Old Testament, Genesis 1:1-25

Session Three: Man Enters the Picture (Woman too)

Session Four: Jesus Christ – The Coming King

Session Five: Noah and the Flood

Session Six: After the Flood, How to Use the Oxford Bible Atlas

Session Seven: Abraham, the Father of all them that Believe

Session Eight: Isaac, A Type of the Coming Redeemer

Session Nine: Jacob and Esau

Session Ten: The Origin of the Twelve Tribes of Israel, Judah–The Christ Line

Session Eleven: Moses: A Humble Beginning

Session Twelve: Moses: You Too Can Do God’s Will

Session Thirteen: Egypt is History

Session Fourteen: The Ten Commandments

Session Fifteen: Moses Intercedes for Israel

Session Sixteen: Back to Bondage, or Into the Promised Land?

Session Seventeen: Joshua: Be Strong and Courageous

Session Eighteen: Putting God First: Trust and Obey

Session Nineteen: Adventures of Joshua and Israel

Session Twenty: Choose This Day Whom You Will Serve

Session Twenty-One: Judges: The No-Excuse Book

Session Twenty-Two: Gideon: Just Do What God Says

Session Twenty-Three: Samson: A Man Alone

Session Twenty-Four: Samson: It’s No Joke

Session Twenty-Five: Samuel: Trained by God

Session Twenty-Six: The Power of God vs. Religion

Session Twenty-Seven: Whether by Many or by Few

Session Twenty-Eight: Saul, a Study in Human Nature

Session Twenty-Nine: Saul and David: A Difference in Heart

Session Thirty: The End of Saul

Session Thirty-One: Coming to Grips with Sin

Session Thirty-Two: David: The Faithfulness of God

Session Thirty-Three: Solomon: A Sad Story

Session Thirty-Four: Solomon: Turning His Back on God

Session Thirty-Five: The Split of the Kingdom

Session Thirty-Six: The Highlights of the Kings Period, Chronology of the Kings of Judah and Israel

Session Thirty-Seven: Jonah: A Type of Christ

Session Thirty-Eight: Jonah Gets the Job Done

Session Thirty-Nine: Profiting from the Prophets

Session Forty: Some Prophets and Some Kings

Session Forty-One: Daniel: From Captivity to Command

Session Forty-Two: The God We Serve is Able to Save Us

Session Forty-Three: Daniel: A Faithful Man

Session Forty-Four: Because He Trusted His God

Session Forty-Five: Esther: A True Woman of God

Session Forty-Six: The Christ Line Preserved

Session Forty-Seven: Malachi: The Last Prophecy of Christ

Session Forty-Eight: The Kingdom of God: Paradise Regained, The Future Kingdom, Conclusion

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