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Evangelism - Giving the Greatest Gift (December 2018)

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What is the greatest gift that you as an individual have ever been given? In the grand scheme of things, it’s everlasting life! With the Christmas season just past and the topic of gifts and gift-giving still on everyone’s mind, the subject of evangelism becomes more timely than ever. How can you help someone receive the greatest gift—everlasting life? In this teaching on Evangelism: The Greatest Gift, John Schoenheit explores the topic of evangelism from many angles, including: God’s perspective, why evangelism is so important, why it’s risky, and why it’s ultimately worth it. Included as well in this teaching are helpful, practical tips on how to be an ambassador for Christ in a way that engages people and helps show them the love, power, and reality of God. We pray that this teaching will bless, inspire, and empower you to be a living witness for Christ!

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