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Making the Most (October 2017)

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We are so blessed to share TWO live teachings from the 2017 STF National Conference held in Atlanta, GA! In the first teaching, Ryan M. talks about the time we have now in life, and how we must make the most of it. Using concrete and inspirational analogies, he explores the importance of doing our best now, because our time in this life is limited…and how what we do with that time will echo in eternity. In the second teaching, Jerry Wierwille takes a deeper look into the Parable of the Talents in Matthew 25; he demonstrates from the evidence of Scripture how each person is talented in their own unique way, and shows how we can look to this parable for guidance on how we should be using our talents, however great or small, to invest in the future kingdom. We trust that both of these teachings will be deeply enriching and greatly motivational for you, as you use your time and talents in this life to invest in the people around you…and in the kingdom to come.

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