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Who is Jesus Christ? (Mar 2010)

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It has been stated that no single person has had more effect on history than Jesus Christ. But now, just as when he lived, there are a lot of different opinions about him, ranging from a deceiver to the Son of God.

In this teaching John Schoenheit opens the Word of God to see what it reveals about who Jesus is. Taking a biographical approach, John examines different records in the Four Gospels to show that Jesus Christ is our Lord and Savior, but he is also our hero and role model. Scripture says that Jesus was tempted just like we are. If so, how could he live a sinless life? Scripture reveals that Jesus got hungry, tired, and had family problems just as we do, yet he singularly focused on God and lived and loved like no other person before or since. This look at the life of Jesus reveals a person who needs to be better known, and knowing him inspires us to live a more focused and holy life.

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