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Prepare to Win (August 2017)

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No one would ever think of running a long distance marathon race without going into proper training. Many may desire to win but few do because, as Coach Bear Bryant once said, “It’s not he will to win that matters—everyone has that. It’s the will to prepare to win that matters!” As followers of Jesus, each Christian has a race course laid out ahead of them and to win that race we must prepare ourselves in order to win. In this teaching Dan Gallagher begins by defining what “winning” for he Christian means and he examines five specific areas where we need to have the will to prepare ourselves to win: prepare for good works, prepare to give an answer, prepare to resist, prepare to fight, and prepare to endure. We believe you will enjoy this teaching with it’s many real life examples and antidotes, as well as finding it will helpful for you on your way to “winning” with Christ.

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