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Righteousness: Doing Right by God and People (June 2019)

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It’s important to every Christian’s walk that we understand the meaning of righteousness, especially as it’s used in the New Testament. While the use of “righteousness” was often blended in the Old Testament and Gospels, it has two distinct meanings in the New Testament Epistles: having a right standing in the sight of God, and doing right by God and others. In this teaching on “Righteousness: Doing Right by God and People”, John Schoenheit focuses in on the aspects of righteousness centered around treating God and other people right. Through this teaching, we strive for three particular outcomes: that we will all better understand righteousness and what it is; that we would better understand the Bible and its passages that talk about righteousness; and that we would have a better understanding of what God wants from us. When we are firm in these three things, it will help us to treat both God and people around us in a just, upright, and godly way—which will help us to be better servants of our God and better witnesses for Him and His Son.

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