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That’s Ironic (Nov 2015)

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God is a master in His use of irony. There are different forms of irony, but whether verbal or situational, they involve events that happen in exact opposition to what is intended. There are times when the irony is very subtle, but there are others when it is so unmistakable that it seems to be a neon billboard brightly flashing the words, “God is at work here!” In this teaching, Dan Gallagher uses a number of examples to show God’s use of irony, starting in Genesis, going through a number of Old Testament records, the Gospels, and the crucifixion of Christ. We believe that this teaching will inspire you and help you to get more in touch with God’s use of irony, not only in His Word but also in your own personal life, so that you too will say, “God truly is at work here!”

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