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The Bible - You Can Believe It!

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 Table of Contents


Part One: Important Questions that need to be Addressed

- Can we trust the Bible?
- Should we question the Bible?
- Isn't God so mysterious that there is not much we can know about Him?
- Wasn't the Bible passed down verbally from generation to generation before it was written?
- Does God talk to men?
- Didn't the men God spoke to make mistakes?
- Hasn't the text been copied so many times it is unreliable?
- Didn't the original text have contradictions?
- Aren't some of the books of the Bible lost or missing?
- Don't the Bible and science oppose each other?
- Does archaeology support the Bible?
- Does history support the Bible?
- Do miracles happen?
- Doesn't the Bible contain some false and even harmful teachings?
- Doesn't the hypocrisy in the Christian Church show the Bible is not true?
- Don't Christians disagree about even the most basic Christian truths?

Part Two: Important Points to Keep in Mind

- God is the Bible's sole Author
- The Bible accurately foretells the future
- God will prove Himself
- What the Bible is
- Conclusion

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